Hair Transplant Surgery with Latest Technology

Hair Transplant Surgery with Latest Technology in Delhi, India

ULTRA-D is a process which allows us for implanting more than 60 to 70 grafts per square centimeter to give our patients better and thicker coverage. Dr. Mayank Singh who is an internationally Trained Plastic Surgeon uses only the best surgical equipment and accessory which meets the international standards. The very latest lenses like the Carl Zeiss Loupes for Magnification are used while he is operating.

Also, a state of the art Operation Theatre is where all the procedure is done under a very sterile and hygienic condition so that Optimum results can be achieved for hair growth. All procedures are in place to make sure the follicular unit is kept intact during transplantation with minimal handling in the right physiological environment i.e. temperature, moisture and minimum time for follicles to remain outside the body.

The clinic also employs some of the finest surgical assistants with years of experience in hair transplant procedures. Also, best LED lights are used in the Operation Theatre which does not emanate too much heat and there is constant power back-up for the unhindered supply of electricity.